Lunarpages Review

Lunarpages Review
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Lunarpages offers a wide range of hosting services, such as: business host, cloud hosting, managed, exchange hosting, dedicated ,colocatio ,  shared hosting and a lot more. Whatever you need low cost personal host or you need a very good server for your online application, at Lunarpages you can find the package you need.

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  1. Tech Support11111
    Server Uptime11111
    Price vs. Features11111
    Easy to Use11111
    Fred S. August 26, 2013

    WORST HOST EVER! Never waste your time and money with them, ever!
    Let’s start from the beginning:
    Four years ago a friend recommended lunarpages and signed up with them (used a coupon code or was a promotion, don’t remember). Everything went fine for 3-4 months, when they suspended my account because my 5 sites were overloading the server. How can 100 visits / day overload a server? It was a bad joke. Somehow I managed to reduce the overload (moved 2 of my sites to ipage).
    After a while the same stupid thing happened again: got an automated email that informed me about about account suspension. 7 days in a row my websites were down. Was not able to move my domains, database or files, because they did not gave me access to them for a week. Support was answering every 24 hours, was a nightmare. Moved all my sites to ipage and I did not used my lunarpages account for a very long time.
    Few months ago I decided to give it one more chance and have uploaded a Joomla site, low traffic, simple template, nothing fancy, about 50 hits per day, very small site. In a few days, it was hacked. I have spent one week to upgrade the Joomla system to the latest version. Most of my pages were de-indexed by Google, so I lost all the traffic. And this is not the end of the story.
    Today I got a new “account suspended” email from Lunarpages …

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