Step 1 – Register Your Domain Name

Start your Site with a Cool Domain Name

Cool Domain NameThe first and very important step in starting your website is actually having a web address. Through the web address users will be able to access your website from anywhere. The common name of the web-address is domain name and looks like this:

Registering a domain name is very easy: search for available domains, choose a domain you like and register it. You will have to pay a yearly fee for each domain name you register and you will own the domain until you decide to not pay the annual renewal fee.

But what is the secret behind choosing a good domain name for your site? Will tell you a few tips.

How to choose a good domain name?

Domain RegistrationWhen registering a domain you have to think long term. Probably you will be using your domain for years, so either register a keyword domain that clearly explains what the site is about or go for a brand name. Whatever you choose to do, you should keep in mind the following aspects of choosing a good domain:

  • Try to keep it short, simple, easy to spell and easy to remember
  • You should avoid numbers, hyphens and trademarks
  • Always go for .com domain (if you choose a brand name, register all the TLDs)


Where to register a domain name?

Free domain nameThere are thousands of companies where you can register domain names, but wait! Did you know that you can get a .com domain for free? Most quality hosting providers give you a free domain name when register a hosting account with them. Will explain you in step two how to find a reliable web host and get a free domain.